This query will display a list of cases filed by "frequent filers": parties who file frequently in the court. Typically, these filers fall into two categories: merchants filing bad check cases, and attorneys filing on behalf of criminal and civil clients.

To run the query:
  1. Enter a value in the "Common Party Code" field. For attorneys, this will most likely be your Texas Bar Number. For other parties, it is a code that is assigned to you by the court in which you've filed your cases. Click the "?" button to display list of common parties.
  2. Next, select the date range in which your cases were filed. Do this by entering values in the "From File Date" and "To File Date" fields.
  3. Select the "Precinct" and/or "Place" (i.e., court) that you'd like to query.
  4. If you'd only like to see cases that are "active" in the system, click the check box labeled "Only Active."
When you've completed these steps, click the "Submit Query" button.

Common Party Code:
From File Date:
To File Date:
Only Active: